Une expédition entre frangins sur l’inlandsis Groenlandais et en kayak de mer.


An adventure film about two brothers in remote Greenland, witnessing its rough beauty and fragility.


WE NEED YOUR HELP ! Here is the crowdfunding to help us out with the post-production of our film. You can help us by sharing the following link on your social media, website, through emails. AND you can contribute to our project to make it a dream come true !

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Gilles & Antoine Denis are the « Frères des Glaces ». They are the filmmakers and protagonists of this documentary. Gilles is an outdoor guide in the Arctic and Antoine is an architect.

This film is the final realisation of their dream-come-true experience in the remote corners of Greenland, a unique memory for the two brothers and the best way to share the experience with the wider public and all the Adventure addicts & Nature lovers out there !





FRÈRES DES GLACES is an adventure film about two brothers on a polar exploration of the remote corners of Southern Greenland. For six weeks they will be skiing across the ice cap, pulling their heavy loads through storms, white-outs and the big blue sky, and they will kayak the fjords and rugged coastline of this long-forgotten land. It’s an intimate tale of brotherhood, with a universal message about what it means to be expedition partners.


The images are already done. The expedition is behind us. Now the idea is to share these larger-than-life experiences with the wider public and produce an epic adventure documentary, but also an intimate story about two brothers helping each other out in their individual quests.

We are busy with the filmmaking already but we count on your support to get the professional help we need to put it all together (i.e. with the post-production costs). Your support will not only allow producing and distributing this film but it will also help lay the foundations Gilles needs to launch onto his life quest of becoming a « professional adventurer » and live from his passion : expeditions in the great outdoors !

In short you can help a dream come true and produce a great movie. So if you want to see a polar expedition from the inside, live and breathe on the great icy plateau of one of the last great wilderness, float in fjords amongst towering icebergs and gentle whales, laugh a lot and admire the great beauty of this rough land, then our coming film is just for you !



The budget of this film is estimated to about 20.000€. This is for the post-production and distribution alone. With your help we hope to get 40% of it.The expedition itself and the actual filming was self-funded with the additional help of a few partners. Here are some details for you to see :

1. EDITING:  10.000€ for 5 intense weeks of de-rushing, video editing and fine tuning.

2. COMPOSITION & SOUND:  2.500€ for the original musical composition and sound mixing.

3. FINE TUNING:  2.750€ for the last fine tuning, video calibration and image colouring, graphical productions.

4. FILMMAKING:  1.500€ to cover for the various costs of the filmmaking: transports, equipment, etc.

4. DISTRIBUTION:  2.500€ for the marketing and promotional materials (posters, etc.) and distribution (festival fees and DVD edition), so we can make sure we get the word out about this movie. Transportation to and from Festivals.

4. MISCELLANEOUS:  We’ve allocated 500€ for any expendable or unforeseen issues we may experience. Producing a film always comes with risks and challenges.




Have a look at our perks  and choose yours. Whether you want a Special Thanks Credit, the full HD Film Download, an EXCLUSIVE Thanks video, a VIP Treatment with special invitation to the screening of your choice, a Fantastic Fine Art Print, or you want to go ALL THE WAY and be EXECUTIVE PRODUCER – you can help us greatly !

Please be aware this is a very small scale production and our resources are quite limited… We cannot offer the type of perks that are sometimes seen with bigger productions and partnerships. But we’re sure you’ll find something that’ll get you excited !


If you can’t contribute financially don’t worry we totally understand that. But you can greatly help by reaching out to your friends and family. Let’s get the word out and make some noise about this campaign ! Use the Indiegogo share tools.




The bigger risk for us is that we did everything the other way around: we started editing the film before we had the funds for it… So if we don’t reach our final goal we’ll have to put from our own near-empty pockets… That means we won’t make another documentary so soon afterwards ahah! But with your help we’re sure we’ll get there 😀

On the other end we know the film will be great as we’re already working hard on it and with a great team of talented professionals. Let’s get this campaign blasting and buzzing on the big wide web !!!