Réalisation d’un vieux rêve : la traversée de la Scandinavie en partant avec une Pulka sur roulette de Bruxelles.
L’aventure est arrêtée au milieu par un avalanche. Un incroyable récit de survie : https://capexpe.org/groups/scandinavie2008/gpages/lavalanche


Four months of intense trip to the north in my back now. Numerous experiences, lonelyness and friendship, last breaths drawned in the snow. Discovery and questions, need for support.

Please let me express here all my gratefulness to those who shared the project and helped me all the way on.

My first thanks shall go to those who joined me on this trip: Klaus, Bérénice, Ralf, Rémy, Béné, Jief, Pierre, Thomas, Fred and Laurent. Thanks for getting involved in the project and for the wonderful times we had skiing together!

Many thanks to my parents Klaus & Monique for their strong support and the logistics!!

From the heart thanks to Nath for your constant attention and support, sorry for being so far away.
Big thanks to Gé, GregM, Fred, Fix, Klaus, Rémy, Laurent, Dona for the many hours of sewing, cutting, and other DIY gear manufacturing…
Thanks also to Séverine, Dom, Greg de H, Fred vdV, for your numerous support messages.

You can’t imagine how much your support counted with me every day througout the mountains…

Many many thanks to those I met on the way who gave so spontaneously their friendship, support, help, to some lost idealistic belgian skier coming from nowhere. From the heart, Allan, Monika, Inger, Anna, Kjell, Regina, Amy and Caro, thank you!
Thanks for all the emotions.

Enormous thoughts to Ole whose life was about to be concluded with mine, for the rough week of skiing in Setesdalsheiene, for all the shared experiences and the constant support.
Thanks to everyone in Flesberg, Åse, Åge, Siv, Kjersli, Bjørnar, for your utter welcome, the great time with you enjoying every little thing in life.

Thanks to all the ones who expressed me their love, friendship, support, in the time following the avalanche. Sorry, I think I couldn’t answer separately to all of you, but you have to know this helped me a lot…

Thanks to those who got involved in the project but eventually could’t join!

Thanks to all the drivers who embarked 60kg of sledge and the associated hitchhiker from Brussels to Kristiansand.
Thanks to the nurse @ Langeid for the internet.
Thanks to Sjur & Unni @ Meråker for their welcome and driving me to the mountains.
Thanks to the relatives @ Kvikkjokk for the swedish ice-cold sunbath.
Thanks to Randi & Bjørnulf @ Alta for the afternoon driving, feeding, drying and warming up the drenched skier.
Thanks to Vincente and fellows @ Honningsvåg for offering me support for the last leg of the trip.

Special gear thanks to Fix for the satellite phone, to Dona for the chocolate ton, to Kjell & Regina for the skis, the shoes and the maps, to Bernard @ Starpole for the equipement!

I will not forget your help!!!